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Hub88 – Sweepstakes Casinos

Sweepstakes casinos are exploding in popularity, offering all the fun of top casino games without the financial hangover. In 2023, the vertical reached $2 billion in annual revenue, according to Eilers and Krejcik, and are closely behind social casinos in terms of rising popularity. Sweepstakes games provide a free-to-play alternative to traditional online casinos meaning players can still win prizes without the risk of financial loss.

Hub88 proudly supports a wide selection of the best sweepstakes casino games from, and others. Our sweepstakes partners offer all the entertainment of traditional online casinos for free.

Why are sweepstake casinos so popular?

One benefit of sweepstakes casinos is the ability to play familiar games for non-monetary rewards, without having to stake with real cash. This enables online casino enthusiasts to explore a wider variety of games without cash deposits on each. The casinos also make the perfect playground for those new to online casino, learning the ropes of slots, poker and more without the fear of losing real cash.

Some platforms also promote a social element to gaming, allowing users to interact with each other. Vibrant communities of players can share their wins, connect with other users and enjoy an exciting experience alongside friends.

Equally, there is less risk due to the lack of financial investment. Sweepstakes games are legal in 40 US states and many actively promote responsible gambling, despite the lack of real money wagered. They provide an opportunity for others to step away from real money casinos to enjoy a similar experience without the fear of losing cash if they have experienced a series of losses.

How to play?

Players can acquire virtual currencies through free offers or in-game promotions and play games you would find in a traditional casino such as slots or table games. The free-to-play platforms do not require bank details however the game balance can be increased with the purchase of more currency if required.

In-game points, currencies or entries for prize draws may be accumulated in sweepstakes games and often prizes are of a non-monetary nature, such as merchandise, vouchers or gift cards.

The important players

The leading player in the sector is VGW which operates popular Chumba Casino, the first ever sweepstakes gaming brand to launch in 2012, among other platforms.

VGW holds more than a 50% market share in the US, while competitors such as Hub88 partner and High5 Games are gaining in popularity too.   

Bright future 

It is expected that the market will continue to grow at a rapid pace, with Eilers and Krejcik estimating net revenue will be $4 billion in 2025.

Overall, sweepstakes casinos seem poised for growth in the US, especially in states with restricted gambling laws where the product can be used as a fun alternative. By embracing technological advancements, prioritising responsible gambling, and fostering a fun and engaging user experience, sweepstakes casinos can carve out a strong position in the evolving online gaming landscape.

Cover Image for Hub88 selected by Pragmatic Play for exclusive early launch of Medusa’s Stone

Hub88 selected by Pragmatic Play for exclusive early launch of Medusa’s Stone

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