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TradeArt specialises in delivering unparalleled experience, integrating the finest Sports feeds tailored to a tonne of top events. TradeArt’s dynamic approach is strengthened by a flexible Back Office, empowering users to configure and execute real-time risk management strategies across various customer segments and event categories. In addition to feeds via API, we proudly offer an array of sports and racing iFrames and platforms through strategic partnerships with leading companies, catering to diverse preferences and needs within the industry.


ONE is the platform for pioneers to prosper. Our bespoke approach to risk allows us to serve traditionally excluded businesses including sports betting, gambling, iGaming, complex structures and cryptoasset entities.ONE Financial, our global payments platform, allows our clients to move money seamlessly around the world via our multi-bank network.ONE Markets is our digital currency trading solution, allowing our clients to trade crypto 24/7 via our OTC trading desk with deep liquidity access.

Proto CX

Proto empowers Hub88 partners to support every customer via inclusive and multilingual chatbots which are fast and simple to deploy. Proto chatbots are already helping brands communicate with 10,000 local customers each day, bringing human and AI collaboration to a whole new level.


An award-winning platform that enables companies in the igaming and sports betting industries to create data-driven personalized scalable display advertising campaigns: - Self-Serve Functionality - Connects directly to your odds source - Advanced scheduling of events and promotions - Create unlimited ads - Works with all major DSPs, exchanges & paid social - Use beyond sports – casino, lottery, generic offers


Narrativa aids sports betting companies and online casinos in enhancing revenue and reducing expenses through content automation. Their Generative AI technology delivers real-time stats, live scores and match predictions, enabling smarter betting decisions. It also converts data into various customized content forms, thus differentiating you from competitors.


QWERTYLABS aims to empower igaming businesses with comprehensive SEO and content solutions. We specialize in meeting unique igaming market demands. We conduct exhaustive research, using innovative techniques and our market understanding, to offer tailored solutions that put our clients ahead of competitors. Our strategies optimize website visibility, user experience, and organic traffic, subsequently increasing revenue


Enteractive is a service provider for the global iGaming industry, generating additional revenues for operators through personalized contact with players across iGaming and Sportsbook sectors


MotherLink supports iGaming companies to succeed in their search ranking, traffic growth, and brand exposure. Basically, with our link building platform, we scale up clients’ content creation by providing high-quality articles, published on targeted websites. The result is a bigger online presence, and with backlinks, more organic traffic and a higher Google ranking


Triggy provides marketing and engagement tools for Sportsbook operators and Affiliates, as well as help Media companies and Publishers to monetize on their sports content. Maximize your ad revenue with dynamic and context aware sports and odds widgets that automatically identify the most relevant marketing message. They are plug and play and can be used on web, social media and mobile to maximize acquisitions. Triggy also build customer branded live-score apps, a perfect way for Sportsbook operators to market and engage through App Store and Google Play.

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